On Tour with my band

Philip Frischkorn (Carsten´s sub) , Dina Wake-Walker  and Christian Jormin in Rostock, where we played in front of a great audience – full house! Thanks to everybody!




2 thoughts on “On Tour with my band”

  1. Hi, I just downloaded your cd Into the Mo on E-Music. Just want to know when this cd was recorded .I know where(Hansa-Studio in Berlin)
    I host a jazz radio show in Montreal(Canada) and i will play your cd in a couple of weeks. Will let you know in advance,


    1. Hi Richard, thanks! “On the Mo” was recorded 1st and 2nd of february this year.
      I am happy to hear that you want to play my music! A couple of years ago i played in Montréal at the Jazzfestival with the german piano-trio [em]. It was so nice to be there! Do you maybe have a recent contact to the organisation team there? I still work on my Record-Release-Tour…
      “On the Mo” is out on Redhorn Records, number RHR10 distribution: Naxos.
      My email: info@evakruse.de

      All the best


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