Julia Hülsman Oktett

Check this out! Very happy to be part of the new ladies-band
“Julia Hülsman Oktett”. Played here at the Festival “Women In Jazz”, Halle

Eva Halle

moi, Eva Kruse



Julia Hülsman, piano
Halle J,J,A Halle E,LJelena Kuljic, voc

Aline Frazao, voc Live-Maria Roggen, voc

Halle E




Eva Klesse, drums





Gerdur Gunnarsdottier, violin

Susanne Paul, cello


X-mas music awards!

Still on tour with Nils Landgren “Christmas with my friends”,  we now received both a double platinum award for the albums N.L. CWMF II and III AND a gold award from our record company ACT for the latest album Nils Landgren “Christmas with my friends” IV! Yippieh!!

X-mas IV