Nils Landgren Symphony, Dortmund Konzerthaus

Foto Dortmund 7:32

It was a great pleasure to play with the “Nils Landgren  Quintet” and the great orchestra “Bochumer Symphoniker”!


Johan Norberg, git
Rasmus Kihlberg, dr
Eva Kruse, b
Nils Landgren, trb
Petter Bergander, p


Concert in Baden-Baden


Having had a great time with Katja Riemann, Michael Wollny, Nils Landgren and Wolfgang Haffner at Festspielhaus Baden-Baden!


Music was great, audience was great!
Thanks a lot to Nisse and Michael who invited me!!

X-mas music awards!

Still on tour with Nils Landgren “Christmas with my friends”,  we now received both a double platinum award for the albums N.L. CWMF II and III AND a gold award from our record company ACT for the latest album Nils Landgren “Christmas with my friends” IV! Yippieh!!

X-mas IV