Photo: Joerg Grosse-Geldermann

With Eric and Michael i´ve experienced ten years of fantastic music and friendship!
We toured all over the world, from Canada to Morocco to the Philippines etc, we worked hard writing music for the albums we recorded, constantly trying to shape and develop the sound of [em].
After a long break in 2009 we got back together again and played a very special reunion concert at JazzBaltica 2010. This concert became the [em] LIVE album and brought us our first grammy in the category “national ensemble of the year”. We also received a grammy for our fifth album “Wasted & Wanted” which we recorded together with the fantastic producer Guy Sternberg.
During the Wasted & Wanted Tour i took a break to become a mother for the second time. So far so good: Enjoy those great following albums:

Michael Wollny´s [em] Wasted & WantedMichael Wollny´s [em]
Wasted & Wanted
ACT Records, 2012




Cover [em] LIVEWollny / Kruse / Schaefer
[em] LIVE
ACT Records, 2010




“… probably the best jazzalbum of the last 25 years!” (S. Nicholson, Jazzwise, UK)
„Die krachend vitale, interaktive Musik dieser Gruppe ist in der Weltspitze der im Moment übervölkertsten Jazz-Besetzung angekommen.” (U. Olshausen, FAZ) ”

Cover [em] 3

Wollny / Kruse / Schaefer [em] 3
ACT Records, 2008




Cover [em] II

Wollny / Kruse / Schaefer [em] II
ACT Records, 2006




Cover X-mas 2

Wollny / Kruse / Schaefer call it [em]
ACT Records, 2005







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