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Petter Bergander Trio live

Foto: Stefanie Marcus

Come around and listen to this outstanding piano player and composer Petter Bergander! We play at Scala Teatern in Stockholm (13 feb) and at the A-Trane in Berlin (14 feb).
Petter Bergander – piano
Eva Kruse – bass
Robert Ikiz – drums

Projektet Fri | Jag vill va fri

Peter Liljeqvist and me have created Projektet Fri together with young people from Afghanistan. We are happy to announce the release of our first single “Jag vill va fri” (i want to be free)! Check it out!

shot & cut by Frank Metzroth
music & lyrics by Peter Liljeqvist
production by Peter Liljeqvist & Eva Kruse

Echo Jazz 2017

Feeling honoured for receiving the Echo Jazz 2017 in the category bassplayer of the year / national! Many thanks to the fantastic Peter Liljeqvist, Tjadina Wake-Walker, Uwe Steinmetz, Christian Jormin, Eric Schaefer, Martin Offik, Classe Persson, Jon Edergren and Nils Landgren who were helping me making the album “On the Mo” to what it is!!!